A launchpad
for Uganda's Christian

Raising Africa's "Next Gen" Kingdom entrepreneurs


[2 Weeks]
Fun and engaging, the AVODA Green program provides you with intense learning, team-based, and community-based activities that will awaken the entrepreneur within you and inspire you to dream BIG to improve lives and transform communities for Christ.


[10 months]
AVODA's flagship program is a world-class, Christian mini-MBA that concludes in real sales and investment from AVODA Fund if you hit your sales target!  The program is designed help entrepreneurs gain revenue and break the cycle of "grant-preneurship".


The perfect home for your Christian startup! A co-working space with excellent, Christian local and international advisors bookable by the hour. Comes with stylish office space, guaranteed full-time wifi and power, an excellent library, and great discounts for AVODA events. 

Starting or growing a Christian Business in East Africa?

You've come to The Right Community!

AVODA Institute of Entrepreneurship’s three programs are designed specifically to help Christian entrepreneurs in Uganda raise revenue and investment to become transformative businesses for Christ.

AVODA was born from painstaking research and interviews into over 100 African startups, accelerator programs, and investor networks. AVODA identified 36 specific challenges that African entrepreneurs face today. AVODA’s programs are made to help address these challenges. 

AVODA is Uganda’s first NextGen Startup Hub. We recognize that many of Uganda’s entrepreneurs are ready to outgrow the “grant-preneurship” model (i.e. small businesses starting and surviving on small, US$10-50k grants) that has largely defined Africa’s startup ecosystem till now. The “Next Generation” (NextGen) of Uganda’s startups must focus on securing local revenue and international contracts, rather than grants. As a NextGen Startup Hub, AVODA focuses on connecting our students, not only to investors and donors, but to local and international clients

AVODA's Kingdom Vision for Africa

With 680 million Christians and counting, Africa is rapidly becoming the “global center of Christianity”. However, Africa’s Christian businesses are not only under-served in customized business education and business funding, they are yet to be made fully aware of their historic opportunity to build the Kingdom of God in and through Africa. 

AVODA’s vision is to equip Africa’s Christian businesses with the practical tools, necessary resources, and Kingdom-driven community to make revenue and impact for Christ, both locally and globally. 

What to Expect from AVODA Institute's Three Programs


  • Length: 1-2 weeks
  • Time: 6-8PM, Monday-Friday
  • Location: AVODA Group Offices UG
  • Full Fee: 350,000 UGX
  • Perks:
    1. Cash prize for best ideas
    2. Free one-on-one coaching sessions with AVODA experts
    3. Free and full membership to AVODA Agòra during program
    4.  Discount for AVODA Blue amounting to the full fee of AVODA Green


  • Length:10 months (Jan-Nov)
  • Time: 5:30-7:30PM, Tuesday-Thursday
  • Location: AVODA Group Offices UG
  • Full Fee: 8.94 million UGX (scholarships available – see below)
  • Perks:
    1. Pitch at AVODA Investor Event if you  hit your annual sales target
    2. Sell your products to AVODA Group’s many global clients 
    3. Certificate of Entrepreneurship
    4. Free one-on-one coaching sessions with AVODA experts
    5. Free, powerful marketing (social media, videos, publications, etc.) 
    6. Free and full membership to AVODA Agòra during program
    7. Various scholarships available (see below)


  • Length: Monthly & yearly memberships
  • Time: Open 9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday
  • Location: AVODA Group Offices UG
  • Monthly Fee: 350,000 UGX 
  • Annual Fee: 3.95 million UGX 
  • Perks:
    1. One-on-one coaching sessions with AVODA experts at discount
    2. Free, high-speed wifi
    3. Free, guaranteed power supply
    4. Access to the AVODA Library
    5. Big discounts to other AVODA programs and events

NOTE:  The AVODA Institute serves startups with under $300k of sales per year, or under $1 million in valuation. For startups with larger sales or valuations, see the AVODA Silver Program under the AVODA Consultancy.

The AVODA Library collects some of the best selling business and Christian books around the world. Our growing library has over a hundred books on Economics, Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Personal Development, Christian Life, Christian Doctrine, and many other topics.

Located at the very heart of Kampala!

Meet our Excellent Instructors

More information about the AVODA Blue Program

Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships for full AVODA Blue program:

    1. 1,221,000 Shillings for first 5 accepted candidates to pay the deposit by December 16th, 2023.
    2. 814,000 shillings for entrepreneurs who APPLY and PAY the registration fees before December 16th, 2023.
    3. 1,628,000 Shillings
      – Refer a candidate
      – The candidate APPLIES, is ACCEPTED, and PAYS for the REGISTRATION.
Entry requirements

Our admissions criteria focus on whether the applicant has an entrepreneurial spirit, a teachable character, and strategic mindset.

Other admission criteria are:

  • A-levels certificate
  • English proficiency
  • 2 entrance essays
  • 2 admission interviews

NOTE: These criteria do not apply for those applying only for the AVODA Green.

More facts that make AVODA unique for students and investors

The AVODA Group Advantage

AVODA Institute of Entrepreneurship is a member of AVODA Groupa Japan-based strategic consulting firm that serves various global clients, including banks and governments. 

This provides our entrepreneurs with a massive strategic advantage, giving them world-class exposure, and allowing them to seek business contracts with large overseas clientele. 

The AVICS Advantage

One of the biggest challenges for African entrepreneurs is the high interest rates of commercial loans and micro-finance credit. 

The AVODA Interest & Credit Score (AVICS) system uses an algorithm to track students’ tuition payment history, grades, daily punctuality, and more to produce accurate and favorable interest rate recommendations for investors who want to provide loans to our entrepreneurs.

The AVODA Fund Advantage

The AVODA Institute can invest into its entrepreneurs from its US-based partner, AVODA Fund. This allows AVODA Institute to invest into its entrepreneurs at sub-market rates, using the AVICS system to assess each entrepreneur’s credit-worthiness. 

Program Overview

The 34-week AVODA Blue program innovatively combines world-class MBA-level business lectures together with engaging workshops, live projects in the market, and real opportunities for investment. The program is divided into THREE segments. 

1) The intensive 4-week AVODA Bootcamp, introduces AVODA’s Christian philosophy and strategy for building strong, value-driven businesses, and also sets the scene for AVODA’s team-based culture through a long menu of engaging group workshops and activities. The AVODA Bootcamp can be applied for separately from the full, 34-week program

2) Students who sign up for the world-class, full 34-week program will then progress on to the 19-week AVODA Blue Lab, a world-class mini-MBA specifically customized for Christians business owners and post-COVID entrepreneurs. As a post-COVID program, classes are delivered through a hybrid model of online videos and content combined with onsite (physical) workshops and team activities. 

3) Uniquely, AVODA has our students launch and incorporate their startups halfway through the program at the beginning of the 15-week AVODA Blue Hub. This allows the latter half of AVODA’s 34-week journey to be actually – not theoretically – about boosting our startups’ sales and international client acquisition. Our entrepreneurs can then pitch to investors at the end of the program with actual sales and track record to show.