The Agorá
Working Space

A Place To Work, Grow, & Network

Join AVODA co-working space for a conducive, flexible, and efficient environment for productivity.

A Place That Helps the
Growth of Your Work

AVODA co-working space offers an ambient and professional environment for you and your team to do what you do best. Our the space’s amenities and the atmosphere we create boost your productivity and consequently helps your growth.

9am - 5pm Access

Offices are open from 9am and closes at 5pm. Offices are closed on public holidays and weekends.

Event Space

We provide event space on Friday evenings and Saturdays for your big conferences or parties.

Business Grade Internet

We have a steady high speed internet to help you hold online conference calls and your everyday online work.

Personal Storage

We also have storage lockers which you can use for all your equipment and other valuables.

Parking Space

There is a spacious parking space inside a fenced and secure compound for your vehicle.

Ergonomic Furniture

Our office furniture is modern, flexible, and comfortable for you to work all day efficiently.

Communal Kitchen

Our communal kitchen has a coffee machine, microwave and other essentials for a kitchen.

Wireless Scanner & Printer

We have a modern and wireless printer to print your documents. You can also scan and photocopy.

Space to make your
greatest impact.

A conducive environment for individuals and teams to operate with ease and efficiency. Our friendly on-site support team make it a great space for your business.

We Provide All Facilities For Better Work Environment

We offer private offices for your comfort and privacy. Spacious offices with a great view of the best of Kampala metropolitan city. These private offices can be adjusted to your liking should you desire to change the look or shuffling around the furniture. These are lockable offices naturally ventilated with sun blinders.

Flexible Private Office
Custom Space
Anything You Need

Our flexible team and workspace make it easy for adjustments.

Friendly Price Package

Our friendly pricing plans are structured to help you achieve your goals.

An Affordable Co-Working Space

Our coworking dedicated desks are designed to help do more with enough room to relax and reinvigorate yourself. We have round desks for quick team work whether it is brainstorming or working on a project together. We have you and your team in mind. 

Membership Package
Dedicated Desk

Office Night View