About Us

We draw experience from our story.

The History of AVODA

FIAT LUX…the light continues to shine. AVODA team draws from its five years of experience running an accredited postgraduate business program at African Business Institute (ABI). The former ABI team has embarked on a new JOURNEY…

We are taking the massive experience from the past five years to create a value focused Next-Gen curriculum to meet the business environment in the post-COVID-19 era.

ABI vision lives On In AVODA.

What Makes Us UNIQUE!

1. AVODA's 50/50 Rule

At AVODA we believe that the value of a business program completely depends upon its level of relevance to the environment in which its graduates will work. This is why AVODA promises students what it calls the "50/50 Rule".

50% of AVODA's program consists of MBA-level lectures delivered by local professors, as well as global lecturers from world-class business schools and business professionals with a proven track record in business.

The other 50% is a highly practical and locally relevant array of activities, including targeted, team-based internships and ideation("Idea" + "Creation") field trips around the country. More importantly, during the latter half of the program, when student teams are creating business plans and gearing up for investment, students spend months researching and testing their businesses in the live world.

At AVODA, student teams get to find their business ideas, create business plans for them, test them, and pitch them in the real-live, African business world.

2. Colaborative & Team-Based

From very early on in the program, AVODA's students are made to study and operate in teams (called "companies") each with its own CEO and other officers. This provides a simulated company environment to students as they take on team internships, team workshops, and especially the creation and development of their own business ideas and business plans later on in the program.

Investors in student business ideas will be glad to know that teams would have been working together for more than half a year, through various rigorous assignments, by the time that they are pitching their business plans at the end of the program.

3. Cultivation of integrity and values

AVODA believes that the fight against poverty in Africa calls not only for more small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) but also the ethical business leaders to run them - leaders who will be known for their unshakeable integrity and selfless values.

AVODA provides each cohort with an environment that nurtures spiritual growth, cultivates a culture of servant-leadership, and instils in students a hardwired enthusiasm to serve God and people.

4. Focused On Real Results

At AVODA, we see our mission to be more than just about education. What truly matters to our students’ lives is what happens after graduation. Will those who start new companies have the resources and mentoring they need to survive the critical first few years and scale their businesses? And will those who go on to find employment have a supporting ecosystem of friends and life-coaches who share their values?

This is why AVODA puts so much focus on aftercare. We support our entrepreneurs by continuing to give mentorship, seek investment, and even provide first-year office space. We build an intimate and functioning alumni network, not only among AVODA’s students, graduates and faculty. This gives all our graduates, regardless of the careers they go on to pursue, a strong support network that nurtures them intellectually, practically, and spiritually.

Meet The Team

Jun Shiomitsu

Founder & President

Jane Nyambura Hahirwa

Finance & Administration Director

Joshua Agonya

Marketing Director

Espoir Mbonyingabo

Marketing Manager

Joann K. Williams

Academic Coordinator

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