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AVODA Institute

The AVODA Institute of Entrepreneurship provides Christian, world-class business education and investment opportunities to Christian startups in East Africa who are looking to transform communities and improve lives through business.

Based in Kampala, Uganda

AVODA Consultancy

The AVODA Consultancy provides world-class advice and business solutions to global corporates, governments, and growth-stage startups who are operating in, trading with, or expanding into East Africa, as well as other developing markets. 

Based in Kampala, Uganda & Tokyo, Japan as Ideologie International


AVODA Fund provides support to organizations in Africa and other developing countries seeking to train and equip competent Christian business leaders.  These organizations will educate, mentor, and help launch small to medium-sized local businesses that alleviate poverty and encourage economic growth.  Establishment of small to medium size businesses can fill the “missing middle” between giant multinational conglomerates and sprawling micro-businesses common in developing countries.

Based in South Carolina, USA

Meet The Team

Jane Nyambura Hahirwa

Finance & Administration Director

Joshua A. Pi'Rwot

Country Director | Uganda

Espoir Mbonyingabo

Associate Marketing Director

Joann K. Williams

Academic Coordinator

Vincent Kasule

Business Development

Janai Jiwani

Hospitality Manager

Elizabeth Naula

Portfolio Manager

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