About The Event

Join us for a FREE, exciting, and content-packed evening of COVID-19 business coaching that answers TWO BIG QUESTIONS:

1. What would YOU be good at in a post-COVID business world? Marlene Schimke, Certified Enneagram Coach, will provide two fun sessions of self-analysis to help you discover what your strengths are, and therefore what kind of business you should start in the post-COVID world, or what kind of team role you should fill. 

2. What kind of businesses would do well in a post-COVID business world? Jun Shiomitsu, Cambridge MBA and AVODA President, will provide a valuable overview of what businesses you should start, or where you should take your business in the post-COVID world. 


April 30, 2021
Friday, 4 P.M. EAT

Entry Fee

FREE (plus food)

Our Speakers

Marlene Schimke
Founder at Rekindle Coach
Certified Enneagram Coach
Jun Shiomitsu
President at AVODA Group

About The Event Organizer

Our mission is more than just about education. What truly matters to our students’ lives is what happens after graduation. This is why AVODA puts so much focus on aftercare. We support our entrepreneurs by continuing to give mentorship, help them seek investment, and even provide first-year office space. 

Ou vision is to raise competent, ethical business leaders in Africa, and to launch and empower local businesses that improve lives and transform communities by opening avenues for true independence.