makhia enterprise limited

We Are Stewarding The Environment For The Good of All.

Mahkia makes paper bags to replace the plastic bags commonly used in Uganda. In Uganda’s capital city of Kampala, the high volume of plastic waste causes clogged drainage systems, floods, bad hygiene, etc. Mahkia believes our redemptive work (Rm 8:22) involves acting in faith to reduce waste and im-prove quality of life.

Executive Summary

Makhia Enterprises Limited was incorporated on 18th September 2020 and started operations in January 2021. It was founded by two people while at university with the vision of reducing environmental pollution caused by plastic bags (kavera). The company does not have a physical premise but it partners with an individual to produce its products. It makes 100% eco-friendly paper bags and is custom-branded to our customers’ requirements and specifications.

The Team

Anita M. Ajiambo

Founder & CEO

Hilary Kibibi

Cofounder & Administrator

Edson Sambo

Marketing & Sales