AVODA Curriculum

Designed to be relentlessly practical, AVODA’s Christian business programs innovatively combine world-class MBA-level business lectures delivered by professors from some of the world’s top universities with interactive workshops, live projects, and real opportunities for investment into new businesses. This gives all our graduates, regardless of the careers they go on to pursue, a strong support network that nurtures them intellectually, practically, and spiritually.

All courses

Kingdom & Business Strategy

Deep dive on how to form a strategic vision for your Kingdom startup and understanding its Kingdom value.

Effective Marketing

This module offers insights for the business "MARKET" and tools for tailoring value communication.

Accounting & Taxes

A straightforward module on LOCAL accounting and tax policies for SMEs (Note: Not large companies).

Operations Management

This module helps students imagine and evaluate how their business idea will actually operate and whether it is operationally feasible.

Financial Management

Students will learn foundational concepts on equity, debt and sources of funding (loans, stocks, bonds).

Teams & Leadership

Explores the formation and development of successful business teams.

Theology of Business

A deep dive into the Biblical basis behind what motivates a Christian entrepreneur.

Early Stage Finance For Entrepreneurs

An overview on different funding options ( VC, angel, bank loan), their differences, and what the investors want out of each.


This module equips students with frameworks and methods for spotting or creating new business ideas


A broad introduction to various industries that are relevant to developing countries.

Strategic Partnerships

Financial or non-financial partnerships, along the value chain, MP's five forces, or even among competitors and sponsors. Kingdom building is not a zero-sum game.

Sales & CRM

KNOWLEDGE of how to research a prospect, sales pitch tactics, and CRM to follow up intelligently and aggressively.

Business Law

A general overview on the laws of Uganda pertaining to business and commerce, with particular emphasis upon entrepreneurial businesses in the planning or start-up stage.

Live Pilot Projects

In this module, each participant team will receive customized, hands-on coaching to test their business plans in the marketplace.

Investment Presentations

This module gives students practical and intense coaching in skills used in business presentations and public speaking/