AVODA Bootcamp

Experience AVODA in weeks.

Join us for a world-class business bootcamp that will remind you of just how fun and meaningful business should be! Re-ignite your passion to create. Explore how business can improve lives. Experience the sheer joy of dreaming big together with brothers and sisters in Christ! Designed by Christian MBAs from Cambridge University and Oxford University, the AVODA Bootcamp re-connects your work-brain with your heart, passion, and faith. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner, professional, or aspiring entrepreneur. Come re-discover yourself through two weeks where no idea is too big or small and no innovation too strange or crazy for serious exploration together.

Incredible Few weeks to light your fire!

Faith Based

What is the role of a Christian business person in the Great Commission? What kind of impact must a Christian business make to be a Kingdom-building enterprise? These are just some of the deep questions that the AVODA Bootcamp will help you answer as we explore the connection between business and and your duty to spread Christ’s love, justice, and joy through work.

Team based

Come with your unique skills, knowledge, and experiences to compete against other teams on various exciting games and activities. We guarantee you’re going to have an unforgettable fun learning experience as you team up with Christians from various industries and walks of life. Bond with your team mates on matters of faith, dreams, and interests. 

Reality Based

To keep things extremely real, you will be teamed up with members from the AVODA Blue program who will either be current Christian entrepreneurs, or will be starting their businesses in half a year. NOTE: You will have the option of deciding to continue on to AVODA Blue after your experience at the Bootcamp is concluded (terms and conditions apply)

Additional Value

Industry Meet-Ups

Meet with industry leaders and fellows from the same or similar industry as yours for insights and encouragement.

One-on-One Sessions

One-on-One sessions offering is for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who need specific coaching for their particular businesses or business ideas.

Program Details

We are offering a massive COVID-19 recovery offer to make the Bootcamp easily affordable. It’s now UGX150,000 rather than UGX700,000.

For additional Sessions to get you further, faster:

  • Industry meet-ups: UGX50,000 per session.
  • One-on-One coaching sessions: UGX50,000 per session.

Our 2021 second Bootcamp takes place in September 20th – 30th, 2021. The sessions take place from Tue, Wed, and Thurs. from 5 pm to 7:30 pm.

Application Deadline: September 20th, 2021.

Some sessions are going to be done online UNTIL we can safely gather in-person at our facilities in Kisementi Area, Kampala. 

The Bootcamp is limited to 100 participants. Apply for these limited slots.

I'm Ready!

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  2. You will only be required to pay after your application has been accepted and you have been admitted into the program.

  3. After your application form has been submitted, you will be contacted by our staff to guide you on the next steps.