Making Your Business Visible in the MarketPlace through Differentiation

Why attend?

moving forward beyond covid-19

Businesses everywhere are struggling for customer eyeballs. Sales have slowed down. Your message isn’t breaking the chasm. And, unfortunately, you don’t have a large budget to keep a positive long-term outlook with customers. But you can learn from those who know the rules of the game.

Bootcamp Packages

Rook (UGX200K)

AVODA Bootcamp III Rook gives you group lectures and workshops from our very best global instructors and facilitators.

Bishop (UGX250K)

The Bishop experience gives you everything from Rook offering plus One-on-One coaching to personalize the experience just for you.

King (UGX300K)

This is the best offering of our Bootcamp. It gives you the full experience including physical visits to your company for consultation.

Learn from the best

Andre Stahl

Marketing, Sales, International Management for FMCG and Cosmetic Industry (Stanley Black & Decker, L'oreal...) Belgium, UK, US

Agathe Senoble

Communication, PR, digital marketing specialist for retail and luxury industry. (Senoble, CHANEL) India, UAE, South Africa

Elijah Faizal

Creative design and innovation specialist, brand building and education in legal, corporate business and education industry (Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania)

What you will get

We have created a week of amazing practical workshops, rich lectures, and  inspirational meet-ups with other entrepreneurs and facilitators for you to connect and learn from. Apply now and join our growing community of bold entrepreneurs.

Lessons will include:

  • Ideation: how to get new ideas to start or scale your business
  • How to create and grow a brand with which your customers will want to be associated.
  • Building customer journey maps from discovery to purchase
  • Building your marketing vocabulary and conceptual frameworks for marketing
  • How to get your business seen, noticed, and create demand for your products and services in a crowded marketplace.
  • Creating a style guide to keep branding consistent across the organization
  • Understanding what marketing is and how it is different from sales
  • Connect with experienced world-class professionals from L’Oreal and Chanel
3 Speakers
5 On-site Workshops
Physical visits to your company
Multiple Virtual Meet-ups

be part of the future of marketing

Be part of our community: Apply now to join our growing community of entrepreneurs.


About AVODA Bootcamp

Fun and engaging, one week of AVODA Bootcamp provides you with intense learning, team-based, and community-based activities that will awaken the entrepreneur within you and inspire you to dream BIG for Christ.